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Poultry Workshops

The iLembe Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Tourism hosted two outreach Poultry Workshops this month. The first one, on the 8th of March, was held at Farmserve Umhlali and the second was held at Maphumulo Hall on the 28th of March.

Both of these informative poultry workshops focussed on the processes in the growth and sale of chickens.

Workshop Outlined three key aspects to successfully entering the Poultry business:

  • Bookkeeping for small businesses
  • Business principles and planning
  • Basic Poultry Management

There were few points to consider in order to ensure your poultry business is successful. One should take preventive measures to keep the chicks free from the parasites. The accommodation and the ground of nesting have to be healthy. Secondly, the place ought to have a smooth drainage mechanism. Water clogging and jams can create conducive conditions for the multiplication of the disease-causing-germs. The equation is simple to understand. Healthy chicks gives rise to a healthy yield. It is not enough that you know how to raise chickens. It is equally crucial that you focus on the healthfulness.

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